July 5

In the stillness of the morning, I will come to you.  You never need to be afraid if you believe in Me.  I know you believe, but you still have fears inside of you.  Practice My presence.  You have felt My presence before.  


Write out our times of closeness and miracles so that you will call it to mind when you don’t understand a situation and your faith is weak.  The memory will encourage you.

I only ask you to go by faith a little longer.  Soon you will understand everything important.  Until then, I want you to know that I am truly with you.  

When Jesus returned to Heaven to be with Me, He promised that He would come back again.  And until that time, We sent the Holy Spirit to guide you.  We work together as One because of Our love for you.  

Some might call us the “Dream Team”.

But We are not a dream, dear one.  We are the Lovers of your soul, and our greatest desire is to have you dwell in Heaven with us, a victor from this current life.  

Have faith.  We have already overcome the world.  There is nothing to fear.  Ease your soul with what you know and have experienced.


One thought on “July 5

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    What tender, yet powerful words of love and reassurance! Colored background for Scripture is beautiful.

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