July 16

I want to surround you with My love.  The knowledge of it will lighten your load.  There are many problems out there, and a lot of pain involved in them.  But if you come to Me, I will fill you with love and joy.

Learn to focus on Me, and not on your problems.

Let your pain ease and experience the incredible lightness of My being.  Hang on to it throughout the day.

I don’t want you just to endure this day.  I want you to love this day!  To be happy in this day!!  To spread My love to others in this day!

You can do that with this connection we get in the morning.  If you feel it slipping, find a quiet place again, close your eyes, and envision My presence until you find the joy of My love again.

Oh, there awaits so much joy for you!

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“For no word from God will ever fail.””

Luke 1:37 NIV

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