August 4

Come to Me and learn of Me.  Treasure our time together as I treasure it.

My Word is full of wonderful stories of My love, and promises for you to hang onto in your darkest moments.  Open it anew every day and let Me enthrall you with the stories from the past.

As near as I was to the Israelites in the Old Testament, I am with you now.  As close as Jesus was to the disciples in the New Testament, He is with you now.

You have the assurance of the Rulers of the universe, yet you are scared inside.  Where does that come from?  It comes from not spending time in My Word.  It is of vital importance in your Christian life.

Armed with verses from scripture, you can slay the dragons that rise up, you can reach out and help a lonely, sick person, and you can give hope to the hopeless.

Most of all, you can rest in the assurance of My love for you and of the sacrifice I made to have this closeness with you.

Don’t throw it away, dear one.  Come to Me now.



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