August 6

From the recesses of your mind come doubts as to My presence in your life.  Yes, you know I AM, but am I really in your life so completely as I have been saying to you?  Do I really love you that much?

Oh, dear one, if you only know how I watch over you continually.  I see every step you take, I hear every word you utter, I feel every hurt you feel, and I share with you the times of joy I grant to you.

Do you not think that I can share so much with you, yet not love you so completely?  You are made in the image of My Son, so perfectly crafted by My hands.  I look at you through eyes of the adoring Father I am.

Because of Christ’s death for you, I see you as a pure child, wrapped up in innocence and love.  Please do not turn away from Me.  Learn to let your insecurities go and accept the security of the extreme love I have for you.  Nothing else will matter.  I will guide you and take care of you always.

As long as you are in this world, it will take practice.  Focus on what I have been telling you.  

I am right beside you now, loving you as only I can.


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