August 7

I will go with you today. 

I will go with you to the ends of the earth. 

Wherever you are, I AM. 

 I am leading you on a mission for Me.  You never need to fear any problems that come up if you are following My lead.  I will guide you through them.  In fact, it is through these problems that you learn, and grow closer to Me.  

I will be with you and will teach you what to say.  Just trust in Me.  I have already taken care of it.  This whole situation is going to be a witness for you to be able to share with others. 

Every day will bring new challenges.  Rise up to meet them with Me beside you. There should be no fear as we tackle each of them.  My school for you is quite different from earthly schools.  And I am the Teacher Who loves you with an everlasting love.  My lessons are hard, but the rewards are unimaginable. 

I would have you look forward to how we will solve these issues, charging into battle as a mighty warrior with Me at your side! 

Today, take a deep breath and know there is nothing we can’t handle together.  

And relax……and smile, for you are deeply loved. 


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