August 8

Dear child of Mine, today is a new day.  One in which the mistakes of yesterday are gone.  

If you live closely to Me in My grace, you will be more aware of My presence and I will help you make the right choices.

Every time you stray away from Me, listening instead to the clamor of the world and it’s desires, you stray farther away from My grace, and loneliness sets into your soul.  But sorrow doesn’t need to be your friend.  Turn back to Me and fill your life with joy again.

Confused?  Just learn to listen to My urgings.  Have the abiding peace of My presence in your life, in your everyday decisions. 

Ultimately they are steps towards Me or away from Me.

I am not promising you an easy life, but if you stay close to Me, it will be a life of deep joy in My love and salvation, and one day, a life of rewards.

Come to Me now, My child. The lover of your soul awaits.


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