August 09

I love you, precious child of Mine.  Always have,  always will.  I was anxious to have you be born, to come in to this world because I already knew you, and I wanted to watch you grow in Me.  You took many roads that led you away from Me, even after you found Me.   I knew in time that you would come back and I was watching over you wherever you were.  

Rest in My ultimate love, dear one.  Nothing will ever compare to it.

Every day is a new adventure if you follow Me.  I will lead you to paths filled with love and light.  There is no greater joy than serving Me on this earth.  It is why I made you.  To love and serve Me.  Then you will know true happiness because I spend every moment loving and serving you, always watching over you through all the trials and tribulations of this earth.

Every day will be new. Every path will be new.  Are you ready?  Just hold my hand and together we will climb.  Every day you climb a little closer to Me.


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