August 10

From the foundation of the world I had your life planned out, knowing which twists and turns of the road you would choose to travel on.  I have a way prepared for you if you would but learn to take My hand and trust Me to lead you.

I need you to be of strong moral character, and to stand up against the evil all around you.  I want you to take good care of the body I created for you to live in.  

Your soul is Mine.  I have chosen you, redeemed you, and made you Mine.  No more fear.  No more second thoughts.  We are traveling together and there is so much I have in store for you if you keep on the path with Me.

Yes, we will reach the summit, but it will be a much higher one if you stay connected to Me.  I cannot force you to do the things I put in front of you.  You must make daily choices for good and evil, for My service, for the personal calling I have for you.  If you choose not to follow today, that means we will accomplish a little less.

Please take My hand and let Me lead you into uncharted territory, places you have never been before.  I have so much in store for you if you would but let Me take you there.


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