August 15

Dear child of Mine, you have placed your requests before Me.  I will answer them.  I will remember you through all the activities of your day, during times of joy or times of pain. 

Every thought you have, every step you take, I will know, for I know you.  You are truly with Me, and I with you. 

Oh, beloved one, you are more in-tune with Me than you were before.   Your love is opening to me more and more.  Don’t you see, if you were able to give all of yourself, how far we could go together?

I have so many plans for you.  You know the path I want you to take.  I have given you the vision.  The road seems dark but it is all part of our important journey together….one in which you will grow close to Me.

Don’t ever be satisfied with mediocrity.  I have a big plan for you.  You sense it, but are not sure exactly how to get there.

Just come to Me every morning, give your life to Me and together we will start our journey.

What a great day it will be today if you don’t let go of My hand!


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