August 17

Listen to Me this morning, child.  You are dear to Me.  So very precious.  You should face this day with the assurance that you are the child of the King and that you are loved very much.

Whatever trials come up before you today, know that it is the adventure I have set before you.  All part of the panorama you will someday watch at My side as we go over your life here on earth.

There will be many scenes that make you sad because you didn’t think of Me and handled things poorly, or perhaps one in which you didn’t tell someone who was hurt about Me.

But I am also anxious to have you see the scenes where you did help others unknowingly.  Just by your presence; by the love you extended; the touch on a lonely person’s arm;  I want you to see how your life really makes a difference to so many people here.

Your daily, moment by moment connection with Me will make you more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s urgings towards those around you in need.

Walk with me today, dear one.  Make memories you will want to watch one day with Me.


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