August 26

You are still so overwhelmed with your problems.  Don’t you know by laying them at My feet that I will take care of them?  You need only to trust Me.  You will receive peace and joy and be able to thank Me because we have grown closer, and I have been glorified, just in the release of all the problems you carry with you.

I understand how hard it is for you to lay them at My feet.  If only you would understand how rewarding it will be!  Why do you want to shoulder it all when the Ruler of all wants to take care of them and of you?

Put your hand in Mine, dear one.  Close your eyes and breathe My love in deeply.  Trust Me.

It takes trust to know I am with you.  But time together will increase your faith.  You will come to know, really know, I am beside you, longing for closeness with you.

I am here, dear one.  Just let go and trust Me.


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