August 27

Child, you are in My care.  Your heart is seeking Me, and I am so glad.  Our time together in the morning is very precious to Me.

Wear Me throughout the day.  Don My protective armor and shield to face whatever comes your way.  I am in you and around you.  Together we can do anything!

Every step you take with Me I have planned for you.  The steps you take away from Me I make good out of when you come back. But how sad that makes Me to see you reject not only Me, but the sacrifice we made for you on the cross.  Nothing will compare, dear one.

The price has been paid, but new wounds are made when you reject that gift.  Every time you reject the Holy Spirit’s urgings, you take one step away.

Learn to listen and obey.  I am the still small voice.  The more you listen and obey, the more I will lead you.

Continue lifting your heart towards Me this day.  There will be so much joy!!


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