August 28

Entwine your soul with Mine.  Lift yourself above the world and float through time and space with Me.

I am with you, beloved.  I have so much love for you.  Let Me carry you.  You are bearing many burdens that I long to help you with.

You can find joy in anything.  What kind of statement is that, you ask?  How can there be joy in pain and hardship?  The joy will be found in Me:  

In knowing My plan for your life; In trusting Me no matter what; In giving Me your utmost pain; In letting go, releasing the pain and weight that you bear.

Come to Me now and let it go.  Fall into My arms and let Me hold you close.  Soon I can tell you face to face why.  One day it will all be over.  I feel the pain you feel and I will always take care of you.

Come with Me now.  Close your eyes, dear one.  Imagine My presence.  I am so close.  

Lay your head on My chest.  I am with you now.


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