August 29

Why is your heart so heavy this morning, child?  Don’t you know that I, the Lord, dwells in you?  Take control of your emotions.  Think of Me.  Know that I am with you.  Let Me give you My joy and peace.

In the world are many troubles. You are no longer of this world.  The day you accepted Me you became a future resident of Heaven.  You are only here for a season.

Make it a season of learning how to grow closer to Me. Studying the Word so that you know of My personality, the struggles that Jesus endured on earth, the love We have for you.

Learn how to really commune with Me.  Bring your requests and your thanks to Me often during the day and know that I am oh, so close to you always.

I see every tear, I hear every word spoken in love or anger, I know every painful, injurious thought in your mind.

It is all Mine, beloved, for you are Mine.  Come find the joy I bring.  Let Me carry the load for you.  No, let Me carry you and the load!! 

Smile, for you are loved.



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