September 10

Let Me fill your life with joy this morning, beloved one!  True, unadulterated joy.  The joy of knowing you are loved and protected by the Ruler of the universe Who so lovingly planned and created you.

I can fill your soul to the brim with My peace and love.  I can soothe your soul, aching though it may be, with tenderness and mercy.  I can give you hope again for the future.  I can gather you into My arms and hold you until your fears subside and I can tell you the truths from My Word that will encourage you and give you purpose.

“Yes!”, you say, “I want all of those things.”  They are there but for the taking, dear one.  I long to grant you this and so much more!

Just ask.  Just trust.  Just believe.  You can’t be more loved than you are right now.  Reach out your hand.  Let Me take it in Mine.

You are ok now for you are with Me.  You are loved so very, very much.


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