September 11

How beautiful are the feet of those who toil for Me!  I will guide their steps until we are together.  I will show them the path to peace and love.  It is only found in Me, dear one.  Only in Me.

There are many people who seem to have it all, but they do not.  They ache inside.  They want the true meaning of life.  They lie awake in the middle of the night, frightened.  And in the morning, they continue on in their meaningless lives, striving more and more fervently for money, power and fame.  

But I have chosen you, and you are walking with Me.  Your greatest success will not be on this earth.  It is on the other side with Me.

So do not envy those who seem to have no problems.  Their deepest souls are frightened.

Those who love and serve Me are filled with joy and peace and the knowledge of My love for them through Jesus Christ, My only begotten Son.

Keep your eyes fixed on Me, beloved.  You have chosen to walk with Me.  Only on this path is there true joy.


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