September 12

How I have longed for the closeness you desire!!  It is a positive step that you, too, are feeling this desire to be close to Me.

The best way to do that is to simply trust.  Trust in Me.  Trust in My presence.  Know that I am beside you, loving you, all the way.

In this life you will have trouble.  My desire is not to take you away from those troubles, but through those troubles, draw you into Myself.  You will grow so much!!

Every decision you make determines our relationship.  If you follow the Holy Spirit’s urging, you are drawing one step closer to Me.  Every time you ignore the urgings, I have to step back a little.  Not from loving and caring for you, but from a deeper communion with you.

Open the door, beloved, and let the floodgates of My love and joy fill you up.


One thought on “September 12

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Love and assurance to see us through any circumstance. Very timely for our present situation with Hurricane Florence bearing down on us!

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