September 14

Do I remember you?  Yes, beloved.  I remember you now and always.  You are in My thoughts every moment of your day.  Always.

Just when you think something disastrous is going to happen, it all turns out ok. Your understanding of the word disastrous is redefined because with Me you can go through anything. I will never allow it to happen if I know you cannot handle it.

Know that it is always in My hands.  Don’t be angry at Me I it doesn’t go the way you planned, or that it didn’t go the way you think it needed to.  There is so much you don’t understand now.  But one day you will.

Even if something bad happened because you strayed from Me, when you return to the safety of My arms, I will make it all turn out okay.

That’s how much I love you!!  I watch over your every move.  Trust in Me for the outcomes.  I will always take care of you.


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