September 15

Your heart is filled with gratitude this morning as you learn more about Me.  I love your thanks and praise…..not just for Me, but because it is good for you.

When you praise Me, it lightens your soul.  It promotes health and frees your spirit.  Always find time every day to thank Me for the blessings I have bestowed upon you.

Go to your quiet place and make a list of the things you can think of that I have blessed you with.  Refer to these every day, and write more down as I enlighten you.

Doing this simple practice will help you be more aware of how closely I watch over you.  You will become more sensitive to it when even little things happen.  My hand is working in your life.

All part of your pathway towards Me, dear one.  Come, sit at My knee and let Me share My love with you!


One thought on “September 15

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    So true! Being thankful to God brings its own reward, lifting us closer to Him. Beautiful text I haven’t noticed before.

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