September 22

Close your eyes and envision My presence.  Let Me enfold you into My loving arms where you will find true peace and joy.

Don’t search for these gifts in the world.  You will not find them there.

Today, I am asking you to take a step of faith, to step out towards the vision I am giving you.  Don’t falter or look down.  Your strength and direction come from on high.

You are not alone on this journey, for I am ever with you.  Whatever obstacles rise up before you can be conquered through Me.

I have given you a purpose for your life, dear one.  It is a high calling.  Don’t be overwhelmed by it.  If I chose to show you the end from the beginning, and you continue to follow Me, you will be astounded at where I led you.   But if you followed the way of the world, the sight you see will be sad indeed.

Someday we will look at your life together.  Take My hand, dear one.  Let Me take you into uncharted territory, to the most intimate walk with Me.  Let your legacy be: “you walked with God.”


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