September 24

This morning I was watching you as you slept.  I saw you wake up and longed to reach out and gather you into My arms as a father would, to comfort and care for His beloved child.

But I resisted and let you arise and start your day.  Did you start it with Me?  Did you ask for My presence to fill you with strength and courage?

How you start the day is crucial, dear one.  Gaining access to Me is always available to you, but those first waking moments set a standard for the whole day.

Once we have made the connection, I can fill you with My love, joy and purpose.  We have a purpose, dear one.  A noble purpose!  One in which you walk with Me side by side, reaching out to help those in need, touching the shoulder of one in pain, encouraging those around you.  Through our connection, I will make you aware of them.  So many are hurting, in need of the knowledge of My love and care for them.

That is your purpose today, dear child.  Listen to My gentle urgings.  You will see and know.


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