September 26

You bring your requests to Me in Jesus’ name.  Do you know how precious that is to Me?  My very existence is tied to love for My beloved Son.  I want Him to be worshipped and glorified.

He has always been with Me.  We knew even before Eve took the first bite of the forbidden apple that Jesus would have to go down to earth.  There was a part of us that wanted Him to go and experience every thing through the eyes of the humans We had created.  But there was a larger part of Us that dreaded the horrible pain He would go through, the rejection, total humiliation from those We created and loved.  And then the awful separation as I withdrew and let Him die, so alone and in so much pain, bearing the weight of the world’s sin on His beautiful shoulders.

So, when you come to Me in prayer and close the prayer, “In Jesus’ Name”, a thousand electric bolts go through the air as what you have said has special significance or special delivery.

“In Jesus’ Name”…how precious to hear.  How wonderful that you, My beloved, chosen child, would come to Me in the Name of the Most precious being in the universe.

“In Jesus’ Name”.  I have afforded that statement all the power in the world.  And to you, My child, I have given that power, through Jesus…….in Jesus’ Name.


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