September 28

How precious you are to Me, dear child.  How I love our time together.  Did I awaken you this morning and encourage you to spend this time with Me?  I want to draw so close to you, but the only way you can learn of Me is by choosing to spend this time with Me.

Don’t get drawn in by the distractions of the world.  That is why I ask you to come to Me first thing, before your day starts.

Satan is very intimidated by our time together.  If you wait, and try to fit it in later, he will see to it that your day is way too busy.  He knows that when you come to Me, I will give you My shield of protection covering you with love, and that it will help you to listen and obey Me, and to think of Me throughout the day.  Our morning time together gives you the strength to face anything he throws at you.

Come and let Me draw you into My arms, dear one.  Let Me surround you with My love.  Lay your head upon My chest.  Close your eyes and know I am here, and I am real, and know that there is no other love like this anywhere on this earth.

Go out into the day now, armed with My presence.  Abide in My love and joy.


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