October 02

Remember the joy when you first realized My love for you?  You were so excited.  You had longed to be truly loved, and felt it for the first time.  I had to wait until just the right moment to reveal it to you as you wouldn’t have understood it before

But now you understand a little, and I will be revealing more and more to you as we grow together.

Come and walk with Me.  Hold My hand and let Me guide you through the day, protecting you and caring for you.

The road is glorious ahead.  Every step you take with Me will prepare you for it.  This is not your permanent home.  The place I have prepared for you is wondrous, indeed. We will truly be together there, seeing each other face to face.  No more darkness.  No more pain.

Hold My hand tightly, beloved.  We will walk together, bathed in My love.


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