October 04

Beloved one, you are coming to Me in pain this morning.  How I long to encircle you with My arms!  Don’t you know I have everything in your life in the palm of My hand?  Just lean on Me, and trust Me to take care of you.

You are looking for guidance.  You want to know answers.  I will give you those answers if you wait upon Me.  You will know.

Come to Me in quiet, and place your requests and questions before Me.  I will tell you the answer when I know you are ready for it.

Everything you are going through now is a very important journey that I mapped out for you long ago.  It has moved up and down as your connection with Me went in and out, but I knew all this would happen, and we are still on course.

Don’t be so worried about a situation you think is horrendous.  To Me it is only a blip, and I will be right beside you.

Just trust Me and rejoice.  Besides, tomorrow will have enough problems of it’s own….. more new things for you to learn on your journey.

Take one day at a time, beloved.  I am with you each step of the way!!


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