October 07

Oh, how joyous a new day is!  Look for the signs of My creation in the simple things of life.  

Lift your head up to the heavens and shout “hallelujah!” to Me.  Let the earth hear your praise for you are Mine, My chosen one.  I have called you out of darkness into the light.  Walk in it.

Let your mind be filled with thoughts of Me, for I am with you always.  Be always with Me.  

My love is an all-consuming passion in your life.  Feel the joy.  Radiate the joy!  Feel the power and the freedom.  Radiate that power and freedom.

Others around you will sense it and draw close to you because they feel comfort in your presence.  In time they will come to know it is Me who gives you this joy and peace.

Oh, dear one, put your hand in Mine.  Let’s face this day with elation!  

How I love to feel your trust in Me.  I am so proud of you!!


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