October 09

Let Me hold you tightly in My arms this morning, beloved one.  Then you will have the memory of My presence go with you through the day.

Filter out all negative thoughts.  Make them disappear by focusing on Me, your assurance of love and salvation.

Perhaps today will be different than you had planned it so carefully.  But it’s not different than I had it so carefully planned! Such worries you have in the world!  Are they really necessary?  They only serve to upset you and others who depend on you, and it disturbs your health.

Learn to fully put your day in My hands.  Turn it over to Me.  Let Me guide your every step.  How futile the plans of man!  They run hither and fro in their important busyness.  Too busy to reach out to someone in need, or to comfort their child.  

What happiness does all this busyness bring?

True joy will be found in time spent with Me and from that, through taking the outstretched hand of a hurting child, through calling a lonely friend, through visiting the sick.

Live your life for Me, dear one.  I have “busyness” mastered.  Find contentment and peace.  I am here….waiting for you.


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