October 10

Why are you waiting for Me to call you?  I am here with you now.  I have given you a vision for your life.  Start heading towards that goal.

Use My Holy Word as your guide.  Find passages that help you.  Write them down and use them as reference tools.  You are arming yourself with My protection and guidance.

When you feel like giving up, come to Me on bended knee.  I will encourage and guide you.  Read over the passages you have picked out.  My Word is as valid now as it was thousands of years ago.  It is power for you.

And never forget to hold My hand.  Letting Me stay beside you every minute will allow your path to stay straight.

Having trouble staying focused?  Again, come to Me and let Me hold you for awhile as you spend time in the Bible and in prayer.  You will be refreshed.

It is a great calling I have given you.  Together we will do so much good in this evil world.

Don’t ever let go, beloved.  Never let go.  The One who chose you and loves you beyond measure is right beside you.


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