October 11

How in the world did you get in this situation, you ask yourself?  Have you always stayed close to Me?  Have you always heeded My Word?  There is so much treasure in My written Word for you to discover.

Go on a treasure hunt when you open the Word.  Discover what golden nuggets you can find in there today.  If you come prayerfully, I will open your eyes and so much will be revealed!

There are stories of those who denied Me and paid the price, of those who loved Me and paid the earthly price, of those who used My name to chase out demons and sickness.  It is full of stories of the power I used to rescue people and nations.  It is My love gift to you, a manual to guide you day by day.  To comfort you and assure you of My love.  Read it and learn.

You can have the power to do good in this world if you call out the name of Jesus.  The devil runs.  It is his destruction.  He has absolutely no power against even the name of My Son.

Carry the name of Jesus with you daily.  On your tongue, in your heart.  I am with you always, loving and protecting you.


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