October 14

Feel the breeze on your face as I reach out to touch you.  Imagine My presence right beside you.  All your fears and concerns of the day should melt away.

I am not only near you now, but I will be near you all day and all night if you don’t push Me away.  Let your worries float away and rest in the peace and joy of My presence.

What is so all-consuming to you that fills you with worry?  How important is it?  Don’t you know that the God of the entire universe is sitting beside you now, asking you to let Him take care of you?

Do not fear today of the future, beloved one.  I have chosen you to love and protect, and one day, to take to heaven where we will be together face to face,

Reach your hand out and take Mine.  The power you will receive is real.  Let the peace of our connection guide you through the day.


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