October 16

How lovely it is when I hear you laugh, dear one!   Just as it is a parent’s joy to hear their children’s laughter, I, too, love to see you happy.  

True happiness comes from growth in Me, in faith and trust, in the total letting go and ridding yourself of the cares and toils of this world.

When Jesus was on earth, He went about My business, part of which was taking care of My chosen ones and keeping evil away from them, and sometimes, having to watch them learn the consequences of their sinful actions.

But then, as now, I make ALL things good and bad, work together for good to those who have chosen to accept Me and Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of death on the cross.

You are worried today about something?  Don’t be, beloved.  It has already been taken care of.  Let Me hear your laughter as I ease the burden off your shoulders!

Oh, how I love you, dear one.  How I love you!


One thought on “October 16

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    One of my absolute favorite promises, knowing that in all life’s circumstances God is beside us working things for the best outcome as we allow Him.

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