October 17

Even now I feel the hesitation in your soul as I reach out to you.  Why do you resist My love?  Why do you put your trust in the things of this world?

When you do, you are putting yourself in the hands of the devil.  He is always waiting.  And he is oh, so subtle.  He comes with worries, money problems, sexual suggestions, fighting, arguing, depression.  If your eyes are not focused on Me, he has the ability to drag you away.

Stay focused on Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith.  Let Me surround you with My love and light.  The brightness of My being will comfort you. Let Me take your hand and guide you through time and space to dwell with Me.  Don’t ever look down!

All day long, when the devil taunts you with discouragement and failure, keep your eyes on Me.  Call out My name and step back into My light.

For I am always with you.  Always taking care of you.  Always loving you.

Look up, beloved, to the lightness of My being.


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