October 19

I am close beside you now, dear one.  So close that I could enfold you in My arms forever.  I feel the whisper of your breath.

Remember these moments between us when you feel alone, when you feel like there is no hope or that it is just you facing the world.

I am this close to you always.  Just call out My name and all Heaven is at your command.  Sin will flee from the Holiness of My presence.

Let loneliness be in your past as you seek a closer walk with Me.  Let Me fill your empty moments with the joy of the Gift I gave to you on Calvary, and through it, the knowledge of your salvation.

Come close to Me now and let Me comfort you with this knowledge.  There is no greater love, My child.  Let your soul be permeated with the lightness of My being.  I AM LOVE, now and forevermore.


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