October 20

The Lover of your soul is here beside you this morning, tenderly watching over you.

Are you troubled about something?  Do you need answers?  In My written word, James 1:5, I promised to provide that wisdom for you.  Just ask Me.  I am waiting to give it to you liberally.

You don’t need to wander through life wondering if you are doing the right thing, if this is where I want you to be.  Ask for My guidance and presence.  You will receive it.

Face this day with joy and peace.  Let it fill your soul until it bubbles over to those who don’t know Me.  Unknowingly, you will be a beacon of light and help to them.  They will see Me through who you are.

When you can’t sense My presence with you, call out My name and the sweetness of My love will fill your soul.  I am your lifeline, beloved.  Keep Me with you always.E5FF53F0-6872-4244-B451-43434DAFDBE2.jpeg

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