October 23

In My time, I will have you understand the things in this world.  For now, I just want you to trust Me.  Trust that you are loved and cared for and that your life with Me makes your path meaningful and important.

Never doubt that you have a purpose here.  I created you in My image.  I created you to fill a very important role on earth for Me.  Mostly, I created you to love and serve Me. 

You see, I love and need you, too.  I long to hear you express your feelings to Me.  When you whisper the words “I love you”, it enforces our connection and fills Me with joy.

But I also created you to fill a special role here.  Whether I have you leading a country, or speaking softly to a child, your role was pre-planned and very important in this world.

Ask Me to give you a clear direction, if you have doubts as to your role.  Keep our connection strong and face the future with the assurance that every day of your life is very precious to Me, and that you are needed here.


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