October 26

Smile, child of Mine, for you are loved.  I am watching you now, so close beside you, as you plan your day.  Let Me be a big part of your day, including Me in all the decisions you make,  in all the things you do.  Carry Me with you and I will be there to advise and help you.

Reach out and touch someone today who is hurting.  Ask Me to give you the gift of discernment so that I will bless you with the ability to see those around you who are in pain.

By helping them, you are glorifying Me.  They will sense it is My love that has surrounded them and they will reach out to Me.  Maybe not today, but in the future.  You are a very important part of that plan.

If you ask for wisdom, will I give you a stone?  No!  I will never deny you, but will always guide you.  Trust in that.

Trust in Me.  The One Who loves you more than human love can understand.


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