October 28

Oh, how sweet is the sound of your voice to Me this morning.  Your plaintive cries are My complete joy.  You are learning to rely on Me!  

Whatever you are going through is made complete because of your reliance on Me.  One day you will understand why you are walking through this valley.  One day you will know.

In the depths of your soul you sense the beginning of a new relationship with Me.  One that is tighter, deeper.

If only your faith would grow to be as large as a grain of mustard seed!  So small, but so significant!  Reach into your soul.  It is there:  My love, your faith….all mixed together into one.

You know in that secret place of your soul, that I am in you, and that I can work through you to do great things for Me.

No more wondering, hoping or sadness.  You know that I am with you, waiting.  Reach out and touch Me.  

Face today with the strength of this conviction.  Face the world with the assurance that you are the chosen child of the King of the universe.  And that you are loved.  

Wherever you are now.  Wherever you have been.  You are loved.  So deeply and completely.


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