November 01

Be still, dear soul of Mine, and know that you are loved, cherished and adored.  You are the light of My life.

Go look out the window and see what you can see.  Do you see buildings or trees, mountains or water?  Or, do you only see other houses?

No matter where you live, I am with you.  Always.  Forever and ever.

You can sense My presence in the beautiful countryside that I created, but if you are not out in nature, dig deep into your soul.  For I am there.

Were you frightened as a baby?  I held you.  Did horrible things happen to you in your youth?  In pain, I was there.  I never left your side.

In your pain and in your joy now, I am beside you.  Nothing will ever take Me away from you, beloved one.

Come to Me now and let Me hold you for awhile.  Today you need to feel My love for you.  Spend these quiet moments with Me.  You will receive the strength you need to face the day.



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