November 13

You have accepted the fact that I forgive you over and over.  Are you holding anger or unforgiveness towards someone?

I have asked you to deal with others as I deal with you.  Yet you make the choice to hang on to the bitterness, the pain and the unforgiveness. 

What am I saying to you now?  How am I holding you in My arms now?  Have you ever turned your back against Me?  Have you over and over made the choice to do something “exciting” rather than spend time in the Bible or prayer with Me?  Have you been too “busy”?  

How many times have I reached out and brought you back to Me and washed you white as snow?

I am asking you to make that same choice, to give someone else the gift of forgiveness.  Perhaps the sin against you is so heinous that you don’t have the ability to let it go.  

How I long to have you tell Me that, and lay it at My feet!  Then I will give you the strength to forgive.  I will cover you with My blanket of love and you will feel peace like you have not felt in a very long time.  

It is the right way.  It is the only way, to My kingdom of love and peace.

You don’t have the ability on your own.  Reach out your hand.  Let Me lead you there.


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