November 28

How intensely the flame of My love burns for you. Those who get near to you to hurt you may seem unfazed now, but I will deal with them justly. Those who injure My children will burn in flames forever and ever.
Even as I call you so tenderly to My side, I am a jealous God. Jealous to have My children safe and secure by My side. Those that lure, those who harm one of My own in any way will face My righteous anger one day.
It is not your job to pay back injuries suffered by you or your loved one. No matter how hard this request, I am asking you to lay it all at My feet. When you do, the healing can begin and eventually, although you can’t imagine it now, you will be able to let the dawn of forgiveness wash over you, cleansing and healing you.
Keep your eyes on Me, dear one. Never let the pain in this earth cause you to look away, for I am your Love. I am your Light.
There are more reasons than just your health and happiness that I ask you to let Me deal with the person who has done harm. I know why they did what they did, or what they continually do. I know the pain in their life and the sin that has taken it over.
Have peace in the laying down of your pain. Rest in the knowledge that I will administer justice in My time.
For I am a jealous God, beloved one. Jealous in My love for you. Let it be your light and joy.


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