December 01

Side by side we will walk today.  Side by side, step by step into and through the most difficult of situations.  I will shine favor upon you.  You are My treasure, My love.

There is no situation so difficult that together we cannot walk through it.  There is no mountain so high we cannot get to the top and reach the shallow of the other side!

Never fear, beloved one.  You have been facing tough times.  Do not be tempted to give up.  Never feel that I have left you alone.  I am always beside you.  Together we will get through this. Take it one day at a time.  Each day we will handle it together.

There is joy on the other side of this, beloved one.  Such joy.  Keep your eyes focused on Me and My love for you.  Nothing else is important right now.  Just rest in the absolute knowledge that I know, that I care, and that I am beside you.  

You are not alone, My child.  We will get through this together.  You and Me.  Me and you.


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