December 06

Here I am, My child.  Ready again to reassure you of My love for you in every way, every day.

My love and mercy for you extends far past the reaches of your understanding.  Never feel that anything stands between us.

How I long to teach you truths from your past, from your own life.  Things you might have wondered about but don’t have the answers to, or that you have been too reluctant to focus on.  

Before now these things were too painful for you to know about or understand.  But I feel that soon you will be ready to hear the truth.  Soon it will be revealed.  

Until that time, lay your head on My chest and let Me tenderly hold you in My arms.  In Deuteronomy 33, it is recorded that I said to Moses, “Let My beloved rest secure in Me, for I shield him all day long, and the one I love rests between My shoulders.” 

I love you, dear one.  Come now, and rest between My shoulders in the shelter of My grace.


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