December 08

As we near the season that you celebrate My Son’s birth, do not let your guard down. The enemy is desperate and approaches on every side, trying to get the focus off Jesus and putting it on all the stress of the holiday season: money for presents, time to buy them, and party after party.

Remember, the Baby born in a small manger in a rugged barn.  He was the Ruler of the universe, come down as human and God, to be raised on earth, visible to man.  Visible so He could be better understood and hoped for.  

Loved poured from His being.  Even without healing miracles, people thronged around Him because of the love.  Those with receptive hearts were given the ability to sense it.

In total love, He finished His mission on the cross.

Never forget, dear one, when you run into the busyness of this season, the reason behind it: the sacrifice that small Child in the manger made…….for you and for others.

Never forget.  When you pick out your gifts, think of Him.  

To honor Him, it most likely won’t be the largest gift but it will be the most meaningful one, perhaps given of your time or heart rather than your money, but always given with your love: the heart of Love that this season embraces.

Never forget the Baby born so far away in such simple circumstances.  Never forget His ultimate gift to bring you life with Me forever.  

That is the message of the season.


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