December 12

Oh, dear child, in the recesses of your soul you have doubts.  Like “doubting Thomas”, you have so many unanswered questions.  Do you, too, need to see the nail marks in My hands to believe unequivocally that I am a very real Presence in your life? 

Dear one, stretch your mind across the sands of time: My time, not yours.  Look up to the Heavens and watch the rolling clouds.  Envision things as they were in Christ’s time on earth.  See how the people loved Him, how they were simply attracted to His presence.  When He spoke, He spoke in a normal tone, yet all around could hear Him.  Everyone stopped to listen to Him, and they followed Him wherever He went.

They responded to His love, the love that emanated from every fiber of His being. When they met His gaze, they knew.  His chosen ones knew.

I am here now, feeling your pain, knowing you don’t understand My ways.  But I am real, beloved, and I will move heaven and earth for you when the time is right: My time, not yours.

Come and take My nail-scarred hand.  Let our joy be complete.


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