December 19

Every drop of rain that falls on your head I know.  I see you standing out in a busy crowd when you think you are alone and unnoticed.  So noticeable you are, dear one!  To the Father Who loves you so much, you stand out in any crowd!

You are like a dove alighting on a magnificent elm tree, so beautiful and with such grace.  You are My dove to the world.  Because of your relationship with Me, I send you out to reach others to help them.  Most of the time, you don’t even realize it.

You carry Me inside of you, and through you I am able to reach out to touch others.

Every single thing you do every day is important to Me.  You are important to Me.  Shine where you are.  In your greatest pain, reach out to bring joy to someone else.  How heaven rejoices!  Tears of joy are shed by the heavenly host watching good play out against evil.

You are never lost in a crowd, dear one.  My love for you is so great I know where you are at any moment.  For you are Mine, beloved, and I am yours.


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