December 24

When you are in the right frame of mind, when you are in your quiet place and I am able to talk more directly with you, I will unfold the most marvelous truths to you.  The truths of how near and dear you are to Me, how I have always loved you, how I have never abandoned you, and how I am always by your side.

Sometimes you envision our relationship like the father figure you know on earth.  If it was good, you have no problems coming to Me.  But if it was bad, you have a hard time letting go of the anger or pain, even fear, and sometimes, it is your imagination of who I am.

How that hurts Me, beloved one!  

Do not mistake the love I have for you, the sacrifice of My Son’s death on the cross, for you, to equal the love you might have received here on earth.                      

I will never leave you, I will never let you down.

I gave the ultimate sacrifice of love………for you.

No matter what has happened on earth, come to me anew every morning and let Me unfold the story of My marvelous love to you.  Let My joy fill every part of your body, from your head to the tips of your toes.

You can have that joy, My child.  Just come to Me.  

Open your Bible or close your eyes and pray.  I will come and surround you.  You are Mine and I am yours.


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