December 25

Today is the day you celebrate the birth of the precious Savior of the world Who eschewed the grandeur and power of Heaven to come to earth as a vulnerable, poor child.  I watched that magical night as Mary and Joseph counted His fingers and toes in wonder at His perfection.

Only I totally understood Jesus’ purpose.  Only I knew how His 33 years on earth would be played out.  Only I understood the tremendous sorrow and pain as He took the world’s sin upon His shoulders and I separated Myself from Him, allowing Him to die to become the Victor for all mankind.

As you unwrap and share gifts with others, remember the reason for the giving and loving.  Think of that beautiful scene in the barn, the beginning of the sacrifice that was made so that We could be with you.

Take it personally, My child, for it was for you that He came.  It was for you that He died.  It was for you that He rose again from the dead.

With joy and love rise up and take your place among My chosen ones.  Let Heaven’s light shine upon you as you honor His birth today.

Exalt the Love that has no match.   It is LOVE defined.


One thought on “December 25

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Joy and peace came to earth with that baby, and all things righteous! Thank you, Lord, for giving us Your son!

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