December 27

Come and sing a new song to Me, a song of your everlasting love and devotion.  Fill the corners of the heavens with your praise so that the angelic hosts may rejoice with you.

Rejoice in your salvation.  Rejoice in your life.  Rejoice for the family I have given you.  Rejoice for the family of friends that surround you.

                                                      Rejoice, I say, rejoice!

What sweetness fills My soul at this.

I will draw ever nearer to you as you learn to praise My Name more and more.  Everywhere you walk in praise, creation rejoices.  Birds sing, frogs leap, swans glide, fishes team.  All have their ways to praise Me and when one of My own starts the chorus, they all join in the joy.

Let it be well with your soul, dear one.  Let all the cares of earth slip from your shoulders as you join all creation praising My name.

I will fill you with a peace that passes all understanding.  Dwell with Me on the mountain of hope and salvation, far away from the pit of darkness of the world and it’s cares.  You and I are one, dear one.  That’s all that matters.


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