December 29

How I long to hold you in My arms and cast out all your fears!  A little while longer, beloved one, and all will be well.

I am your Rock.  Lean on Me.  I am your Foundation, the answer to your questions, from beginning to end.

Come and lay your head against My chest and dream with Me.  Dream of a new land, one with golden days.  Blue skies, tall mountains, grassy plains.  A land where there is no more pain and suffering, where the mighty lion will lay down with the gentle lamb.

You are My lamb, dear one.  I hold you close in My heart and mind always.  When the time is right, I will gather you unto Myself and we will roam together in absolute joy.

The days are very troubled on earth, and the end of time is coming soon.

Hold on tightly and never let go, for I am your Rock and your Foundation through all of life’s storm.

Soon, dear one.  Soon.


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