January 9

Did you awaken this morning saying, “I choose You”?  Let those words be your first conscious thoughts and dedication of the day.  In so doing, all Heaven’s power will be at your disposal against the evil one.  Those three simple words knock him right off his pedestal, and away from being able to infiltrate your life, for that moment. 

Whenever you feel weak, say those words all during the day.   “I CHOOSE YOU” is like saying “I CHOOSE LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST”.    

Say “I CHOOSE YOU!” through the most difficult of situations.  Say “I CHOOSE YOU!” through pain, sorrow and disappointment.

What a gift to My ears!  You will be rewarded, dear one.  I will draw you closer into My presence.  It is your words of love and commitment that are so special to Me.  

Put those three powerful words into practice today.


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